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A CUP OF TEA WITH THE WEDDING PLANNER It is time now clear up the category of wedding planners, of course, without diminishing the value of his work: to contact the event organizer does not add costs to the organization of your event indeed it add value








AFRICA IN LOVE!!! The African continent includes a variegated patchwork of people, cultures, languages and traditions. This makes difficult, as well as wrong, talking about “African Culture”. I’m going to cover on tiptoe just some meters of an ancient and mysterious path winding along many routes. Shall you come with me?







SAN SAN KUDO – 3 TIMES 3!!! For the Buddhism the marriage isn’t a Sacrament. It is, instead, a symbolic moment enormously strong and emotional but overall it is a moment of mystical sharing






CAKE STORY! The custom to celebrate an anniversary sitting at the table is as ancient as the humankind is. If I think about it, whether I want to celebrate some festival or to share joy with my friends what I do? I invite them to dinner.






THE CIVIL WEDDING! ….Is it a civil wedding more simple? Is it less exciting? Can we arrange it quicker than a civil ritual? Can it take place exclusively inside the Town Hall? Is it cheaper? Let us take this step-by-step and try to figure out!








WEDDING? YES PLEASE! It took few minutes, few long instants that will forever last in my memories. During those minutes my husband chose me. And so, the happy end, or rather the happy beginning. I put on my wedding ring and I kissed the groom! And here I am after sixteen years still talking about that. Why?








SHAPE YOUR VISION! The aim of a wedding planner is therefore to shape a vision limiting as much as possible emotional swings, he must avoid that his taste or convictions may prevail, must listen and works (Oh God how much he must work)!