It looks like that the 2016 trend for a wedding party is replacing the classical and traditional banquet (matter less if it is for lunch or dinner) with a more trendy buffet.

Indeed the too abundant menu is leaving place to a lighter and balanced selection of dishes that are anyway not waiving the variety and taste.

The attention to avoid the wastes is combined with the art of balancing tastes and with the aim to taste many dishes without sacrificing the lightness and variety.

Compared to a lunch/dine reception (always tiresome ) the buffet is more dynamic, it allows the attendees easy movement and interaction and furthermore , if it has been well thought in advance, offers a wide range of alternatives and can be tailored according to your preferences and intentions.

The trend for 2016 is thus under the flag of lightness and dynamism.

What are the design principles of a successful “buffet”? Few simple tricks will ensure the success of a reception of this kind:

First of all the positioning of tables: the main idea is to place all tables in strategic position.

For example, the table of entrees could be located in a central position. This will grant the flow of guests to move freely without unwanted traffic jam (the waiters will be grateful and guests more satisfied). If guests are happier the general atmosphere of your party will be more cheerful and everyone more conversant so creating the environment of the party.

The tables, provided for allowing your guests to seat a bit without being forced to wander around with a plate in one hand and a glass in the other, must be seen as an important scenic option.,

Indeed they must allow to enjoy the beauty of the general decoration of the reception hall, and overall the view of dishes presented masterfully by your catering provider (this might be one of the most remembered stylistic element of your party).

The service staff will be of great help especially if the menu is based on meat that generally is to be sliced and served at moment (“a la minute” as the Frenches say). Anyway, whatever is the stylistic hallmark of our marriage the buffet’s style must match it, without forgetting our dues for our guests.

I mean: in the batch of our relatives and friends there is always someone that cannot eat some type of food or has recently changed their alimentary habits (maybe becoming vegan) thus our buffet must offer dishes suitable for them as well.

NO problem! The choice of a Buffet reception offers a wide variety of options.

We already imagined the wedding tea party (see also the article “A CUP OF TEA WITH THE WEDDING PLANNER”) now let us extend our joke and try to think to some alternatives.

What do you say about the Wedding Brunch? Original isn’t it?

The “Brunch” became very fashionable, now a day, and could become the undisputed star for the wedding parties.

The wedding brunch is the best solution for those that want to celebrate their marriage before noon (in the middle morning) and for those who wish to combine a nuptial reception with ” no formal” style giving the possibility to select in the same time sweet and/or salted dishes.

So, I wait for you in Verona, to shape your vision together!