Dear all,

Did you choose the place where your love dream must become true?

In your shoes I would say Verona …and I will tell you the reason why of my friendly suggestion.

First of all let me say once more that Verona is  one of the most  beautiful  ‘Art town’.  It is  wonderful in every season , but if this is not  convincing enough for you   try to  think at ‘ Romeo and Juliet’   the most romantic love story ever written (and perhaps a true one, though without a happy end).



Nevertheless, here I would like to have a low profile … then I will forget Shakespeare for a while (hoping that he forgives me) and will dedicate these lines to give you some pragmatic suggestions for an organization that should not leave anything to the chance

To get married in Italy is not an easy matter like in Las Vegas but there are so many things to plan and even more details to not lose sight of

  1)      SAVE THE DATE

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Let me take as granted that you have already chosen Verona, now you must choose the date!

In Italy the almost totality of marriage is celebrated between May and September.

 Italian couples choose this period since the weather is warm and sunny, but indeed Verona is wonderful even when it dresses the warmer colours of autumn and lovely in the white winter light.

Another important element to be taken in great consideration is the day: I mean if you decide to celebrate your marriage during the peak season (May- September) in days such as Saturday or Sunday…well be prepared to face higher costs.

The costs become more affordable if you decide for other days in the week: from Monday to Friday.

Should you decide for other months (Personally I am in love with Veronese October even though I would not suggest an outdoor party in this month) then the cost could be halved.

In addition, it is important to keep in mind that if your chosen date fall in August you will find so many city’s structures and firms closed for holydays …thus, it could be a real puzzle to find out a photographer or a beauty salon available and if you will find them, your budget will suffer a lot.





In Italy, you have the following options:

  • Religious ceremony (celebrated with Catholic rite)

  • Civil rite celebrated in the city hall, or in other buildings that the municipality uses for these events: historical palaces, mansions and villas where history and legends are strictly bonded or even antiques, amazing and sensual gardens, all of them real jewels of arts.

  • Symbolic Ceremony.

 In Italy the only legally valid marriage are those celebrated with the religious or civil rite, however there are ways to make legally valid a symbolic ceremony: for instance, you could marry in the country where you come from and then celebrate a symbolic ceremony in Italy. This would make everything easier from bureaucracy point of view and lighter from the point of view of your budget.

Another option is to get marry with civil rite in Italy few days before of the ritual you wish to follow. This may require a very great care for the preparation and submission of all official documents  needed (and likely a great deal of patience and time).




It is important to book timely (well in advance) either the church or the town hall.

 It goes without say that during the peak season many locations may be unavailable in the day or time you want them  and the same goes for your preferred celebrant (in case you decide for a symbolic ceremony or for civil rite)

It is important to book everything at least 10 months before of your D-day. Obviously, the same precaution applies even to the place chosen for your wedding party…

Once you people have thought where, when and how you want to celebrate your marriage, it will be possible to figure out how to make it very personal and unique.

I will be pleased to send to every one of you my small guide ‘ Imagine and create your ceremony’; to get it will be enough just to subscribe my newsletter .



                  4)  GET IN TOUCH WITH A WEDDING PANNER!


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In Italy not everyone speak English, and many social customs may be very different of those you are familiar and very used to.

The language barrier and the cultural differences may make everything more complicated this is why I suggest to hire a local professional who will take care for you of all details of your ceremony.

A wedding planner surely will make the organization of your marriage in Verona an easy and likely pleasant path to follow without any trouble.

A local wedding planner can save you many difficulties and unnecessary stress, leaving you only the pleasure to figure out and shape your dream!

Furtherly a local professional can suggest you on the best options so avoiding unwanted mistakes with consequent loss of time and money.

For more information about the work of a professional organizer, pay a visit to my website www.theplanningmind.com and feel free to get in touch with me without any commitment on your part. Otherwise you can write me here! I’ll be glad to study a customized  offer tailored for you only!!!

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The first consultation via mail, skype, or telephone is always free of charge, thus let us meet  and think together to your great day.

I wish that my small suggestions are useful for you and that the experience of a marriage in Verona be unforgettable.

Faithful yours, Elena.

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