Bonbonieres are an important element in your wedding party.

Only God knows how much time we spend to search something that look good, impresses and does not oblige us to request a loan to the bank.

Whatever will be your choice their scope is always to express your gratitude to those who shared with you your magic moment.

This small object will tell of you, of your style, and how much you care for those that surrounded you.

Therefore they are important, but how to get oriented for choosing them?


Here is an original idea very much trendy: small seedlings in pots packaged in simple and elegant way. This will guarantee an amazing result especially for those among your guests having a “green soul”

Furthermore, the wide range of alternatives possible for the variety of seedlings and packaging possibilities will reduce dramatically the difficulties for choosing something that must suit the style of your ceremony and party.


Gastronomic Favors

Come on people let us give taste to your nuptial party!

Your guests can be only too glad in receiving a little sample of a product DOC typical of Veneto.

They will remember in this way the emotion that they shared with you during your marriage.

Here some examples for getting inspired!!







Favors in Shabby style

Even the shabby style is very much wanted by the fashion : they are made out by simple materials under the flag of simplicity and they do not hide their claim for the originality and elegance.

Here are some possible ideas for not losing sight of” shabbies”


A surprising Idea: the “bonbooks”

The favor-book will certainly amaze your guests, an unexpected surprise!

What is the greatest medium to exchange and create emotions? The book since ever.

The personalization of packaging is indeed limitless and their content may be suggested by yourselves if you so wish: poetry, images, tales to relive at any time you like the emotions of your magic day.

It is also possible to coordinate these favors with the invitation cards to make truly unforgettable your style!

Last but not least the favors of solidarity

Now a day the media are really highlighting the world problem : thirst, hunger, diseases are battering the southern hemisphere then why do not donate to charity the money intended for favors? Indeed a very generous gesture (and I would add even a responsible one).

Your guests may be only glad to know that they have given their contribution to a project for helping the needy!

Here a small list of charity organizations that will be glad to realize the solidarity favors Emergency, Unicef, Save the children, AltroMercato and …many others !!

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