The bouquet is the main accessory of your bridal look! It is the protagonist of so many photo shots, is blatantly in evidence during the whole duration of the ceremony and at the end it is launched according to the tradition.

Personally, I kept my own bouquet jealously and (with a little trick) I launched a spare one my friends.

It is a precious souvenir and it still remind me all sensations I felt in the day I said, “Yes I do”

Thus, my friends, you can see by yourselves the importance of a correct selection of flowers, as well as of the shape of the bouquet: it MUST be to your taste, it must suit your outfit, and finally be a part of your style…Not so easy isn’t it?

Should you be a little bit confused on this subject   please bear in mind that it may not be a good idea getting inspired by bouquets you may have seen in the hands of other brides (no matter how magnificent they were)…It is your chance to be unique and surely you do not want loose it! Your wedding planner will be glad to (discretely) advise you without lose sight of your budget.

Here are the suggestions of “The Planning Mind” for trendy bouquets.

Cascade Bouquet: classic, simple and tender. If you are thinking that it is too heavy or not suitable for a bride not very tall, these inconveniences are easily overridden by making a bouquet with less flowers and thin handle and it will be perfect for a bride of slight build increasing the romance of the atmosphere.


Bouquet with feathers: the plumage are fanciful elements to be applied to the bouquet in order to match the decorations dictated by the fashion 2016 for bridal gowns.

Butterflies Bouquet: Perfect for a marriage whose theme is the lightness and color.

According to Feng Shui the butterfly symbolizes the endless love, the peace, the harmony.

It is possible to enrich your bouquet applying butterflies hand-made with natural materials (wood or fabric) let alone that obviously your hairstylist will make wonders with butterflies!!

Veg Bouquet : could I forget a bouquet for my vegan or vegetarian friends? Certainly no.

So here is the bouquet with fruit and vegetables and for those among you a little bit superstitious why do not add the red chilies?

What flowers to choose?

Timeless and always the most beautiful here are the roses … certainly are not the cheapest ones but they are undoubtedly elegant and with a strong visual impact.

If we look at Pantone catalogue there will be 2 predominant colors in 2016: quartz pink and serenity light blue : definitely you cannot miss them in your bouquet!!

The 2016 trend give the honor place to the orchids symbol of elegance and gracefulness: they create a timeless and romantic atmosphere.

There so many varieties of this beautiful flower in such a way that an orchid bouquet can match every bridal gown and every style. It will be just enough to pay attention to the season for these flowers are so delicate and can easily spoil. No problem the wedding planner will suggest you the most expert florist who will guide your choice !!!

If you ask my personal preference then I will tell you that The Planning Mind suggest the Tulip.

This flower has a variety of colors covering all needs and particularly the white tulip is symbol of purity and meets perfectly the quartz pink or the serenity light blue; it is perfect for the bouquet but also for buttonhole of the groom and for the decoration of the ceremony hall and the banquet hall.

I wait for you, we can talk of this and can immagine and create together your marriage in Verona!

Faithful yours