So  many couples all over the world wish to get married in Italy ….nothing odd , this is the most romantic country in the world and such a wish is perfectly justified!


I did talk yet about the wanders offered by Verona and its surroundings (see my post here :http//


Obviously enough, there is a dark side to be considered : in Italy,   this dark side is the bureaucracy!


It would be so nice getting married having the sole concerns of the location, the dress, or the party or simply the place where Aunt Sophie must be accommodated….


…But the bureaucracy  exists and must be faced!




It is necessary (I would say it is an absolute must) to plan and organize with a great care and timely all needed documents in such a way to avoid to have bad surprises or even small obstacles afterward….


Assumed that  one of the partners is NOT Italian  it will be necessary to get the  authorization or a certificate of legal capacity to marry: both these documents are released by competent diplomatic authorities in Italy of the origin’s country  .


The authorization (in Italian is said “nulla osta”) is a statement which indicates that in the state of origin there is no impediment to marriage (for example that Mr. X or Mrs Y are not already legally married to someone in their origin’s  country)


Once the “Nulla Osta” has been obtained it is necessary to legalize the signature of consul or ambassador at the legalization department of the prefecture office.




If you have completed the step above now you can go to marriage office of the municipality of residence (obviously, if you are foreigner probably you are not resident in that municipality but you can avail of the residence status of your partner) to submit the following documents:

  • ID card (valid of course) of both the partners

  • Legalized Birth certificate of the foreign national

  • The “Nulla Osta” released by Consul or Ambassador legalized as described above

  • Self-certification about residency and free status

The city hall officer (basically a sort of notary) will fix along with you the date for the “Oath”


In that date the partners will promise and declare publically their intention to get married: such a promise must be done in presence of two witness (I mean two witness for each partner).




In case one or more of witness is a foreigner He (they) must be provided by a valid residency permit.


Upon request of the couple, it is possible to require the presence of an official translator.


The marriage office will now proceed with the Publications it means that in the official showcase of the municipality (in Italian it is named Albo Pretorio) will be posted the names of the future spouses, the place where you intend to get married.




This is done to give possibility to people that have serious reasons to oppose your wedding to avoid that your marriage is celebrated.


After eight days (inclusive of two Sundays) that the Publication has been done the municipality officer will release a certificate of the done publication.


Such a certificate must be consigned within 180 days to city hall (of the residence town) in order to fix (finally) the date of your wedding.


I wish this information might be useful to plot the bureaucracy’s road map of  your marriage in Italy, even though I reckon that it may not be the easiest thing; however do not get desperate , be cool… with the help of a professional everything will be simple and smooth: get in touch I am here to assist , to help you to realize your dream.


Sincerely yours Elena!




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