Shape Your Vision!


Nowadays my house is upside down, we are doing some long needed renovation works

The dust, the confusion, the hands of the workers who move my things, the feet that invade private spaces and let aside noises that shake the walls and smells that do not talk about me…..I am destabilized. So being the things and without any defense in order to avoid hindering the works and to safeguard my sanity I have come to decision to depart. I went to my parent’s house in Campania: this is the house where I had been a kid and I have grown as a girl and woman, where I have been a loved daughter and so remain even now that I am a mother. I slept in the room I shared with my sister and I Iet my mother cuddle me .A real step back in the time

Indeed a step back but always with mind and heart focused on the future, a future that I try to figure out and intrigues me beyond all limits.

I believe that to build up some new thing perhaps it is necessary to tear some old things!

Why I thought this? For it takes some courage to leave something familiar and well known and make room for something new that you will receive in your everyday life and with which you must try to become, at list, friends. Even the simple renovation work of my house enter in this category isn’t it? So I thought that when I will be back home I’ll see something that before there was not at all and this is so exciting and Nervousness due to the inconvenience of the work of the forced departure slip into a Catherine wheel of thought and projects: I will hung ‘ those’ new curtain and likely I will change the old carpet ; surely I will replace photos in the frames and will save carefully the old ones and when I will grow older I will say ‘ How attractive I was when I was thirty,

 Surely enough I will say to my husband that I love him and our house is now more pretty and welcoming and it was really worth to suffer a little bit for the nuisance of works.

After all, it has not been so difficult to renounce something that I knew to make room for something new that as such has all possibilities to surprise and amaze me.

I would say that to get married is quite the same (in due scale): one must renounce to his own space (designed for a single) and widely restructure this space to make it comfortable for two. It is necessary, indeed, to renounce to some old pattern to process a new one; and this is the romantic part of it! But thinking a bit more practical a marriage needs to be celebrated (church, temple, town hall or whatever you prefer) let aside the due celebrations with relatives friends in few words it requires to be ‘designed ’in all its innumerable details. I would say this is the part of ‘construction’.

Even though one has clear ideas on the project and the style you want to get often he can meet great difficulties… like the renovation work of the house: what increase the duration and inflates the budget? The contingencies. Then one can get panicking and give up to emotions or can rely on the virtues of resilience. The resilience is a term borrowed from the language of science: in few a simple words, it is the ability of a material to return to its original state after having undergone a deformation (as my house has got its normal aspect after the deformation due to the restructuration works).

The ability to face unexpected mishaps is a dowry very important for a wedding planner that helps him cope with the difficulties inevitably arise during the organization of a wedding without losing sight of the original project. In the other hand, this is a good life practice: a mishap must not and cannot change the goal previously set.

To organize any event but particularly a marriage means to bare the responsibility of it and overall it means to share the dream of somebody else…in few words it means to give value and reality to something imagined for so long.

The aim of a wedding planner is therefore to shape a vision limiting as much as possible emotional swings, he must avoid that his taste or convictions may prevail, must listen and works (Oh God how much he must work)!

Exactly as an art director, he coordinates and harmonizes all Actors.

How he knows if his job has been good enough? Only the excitement in the eyes of the couple and in those of guests will give the measure of the success of the event.

If everybody feel good and everyone is getting fun then the Mission is Accomplished!!