“The Planning Mind” ideas for wedding’s anniversaries: Would you marry me again …in Verona?

The Webster’s dictionary defines an Anniversary as “the annual recurrence of the date of an earlier event”

Thus an event of something worthy to be celebrated yearly …. So we must do!!

A wedding anniversary is tied with one of most important moments of life. Let us take care of it leaving nothing to the case. Let us celebrate it with imagination and creativity and let us add more emotion and new chapters to our souvenir book.

Addressing to the wedding planner will set you free from stress of preparations, and you will enjoy only the pleasure of the remembrance and the joy of your renewed love… Let me inspire you and at end we, I am sure, we will be also good friends.

Did you know that wedding anniversaries are bonded with colors and materials?

The tradition imposes that one year after another a gift is to be made of material increasingly heavy just to symbolize the strengthening of the link between the partners!

The fifth year of marriage is matched to wood and it is known as” Wooden anniversary”

Why not celebrate it with a romantic picnic? And what about the present? (Personally, I would never forgive my husband if he had forgotten our wedding anniversary)

If I say wood what does come immediately in your mind? A tree! Correct answer people: Then why do not donate a real tree? It could be an original idea and besides plenty of meaning.

Perhaps a bonsai to plant and care together, but if you feel a bit more generous and like to donate a jewel, well do not forget that it should contain a turquoise or at list must contain the color of this stone!

The tenth anniversary is the Aluminum Anniversary (see the increase of physical consistence?)

This metal is the eco symbol par excellence. Could this suggest organizing an ecological party with the theme of Aluminum.

This metal is very “flexible” and is suitable for thousand uses, with it you could realize the place marks or pretty gadgets for your guests …whatever you want to do, the wedding planner can address you to a good artisan that will realize your idea.

If, instead, you are oriented trough flowers…well in this case daffodils are the right ones

Now we go on the anniversaries well known by everyone: twenty-five years.

It is universally known as Silver wedding anniversary and it is a goal difficult to be achieved thus it is to be celebrated “in grand style”

So being things why do not ask your sweet heart to marry you again in Verona perhaps under the Romeo and Juliet balcony? Alternatively, in the breathless landscape Colle San Pietro’s Belvedere in a splendid sun- setting while the day light is fading away in thousands shadows of color. That is place to stay along your friends, relatives and with the Planning Mind to give shape once again to a dream begun twenty-five years ago!

It is clear enough: I suggest for your twenty-fifth anniversary to renew your promises with a ceremony that must tell about you: who you are, what you have built together and, especially, what other fantastic things you shall realize and what other dream you will be able to dream together!

Such a ceremony can be held by a celebrant selected by yourselves in a place that you love and can be wholly customized (please request free of charge the guide “Imagine and create your ceremony”)

To give the breath of life to a dream will not be hard with the assistance of the wedding planner.

After you shared all your life with your love, the achievement of fifty years together will be an enviable and envied goal!

The golden wedding anniversary is an occasion when you can gather all family around you for a lunch or dine: sons, grandsons, granddaughters will share with you the joy to be an inseparable pair.

What better than your remembrances to inspire the party? All images of your long and happy life will be the fil rouge of a party that shall develop like an illustrated book…page after page you will discover and recognize yourselves.

The wedding planner will be only glad to address you to the right professional that will artistically realize the tale of a life spent in the love, mutual understanding and love.

The flowers for the bride shall be mandatory violets and the gift, it goes without say, must be a golden jewel!

I wait for you here in Verona to imagine with you and together realize your anniversary!

See you soon,