How not to give in to the temptation to be princesses for a day? Personally I remember the day of my marriage I felt as beautiful as ever at any other time of my life.

Indeed I do not know if I was really so beautiful, but when I look in the mirror I saw a true princess! I was glowing! Partially it was also merit my young age, but, I trust, it was also merit of my beautiful wedding dress that made me princess for one day.

Do not take me wrong, I, like you, live in my time, I am a wedding planner in Verona and I am a practical woman, organized and busy. Nonetheless I am a dreamer and proud to be.

So I always find a little time for dreams, for my dreams but especially for yours.

I created The Planning Mind just to work joyfully to your dreams and special days. Thus don’t worry to contact me for a first preliminary (and very free of charge) meeting we will know each other and together we can figure out your wedding day.

Now let us digress into the adventure of silk, organza, wide skirts … let us choose a princess dress.

Of course, the choice of nuptial dress is so personal, so dictated by your own taste and by your budget but without lose sight of tailoring quality and materials.

The Barcelona fashion shows: has well underlined that quality is the element of paramount importance for the beauty!

I felt in love with some models that I would propose as source of inspiration…

Yolancris stands for Yolanda and Cristina two brilliant sisters, on their tenth anniversary of assets presented in Barcelona their collection that is not likely to be confused with the others: seductive, provocative and very feminine

YolanCris New Bridal Collection 2016
YolanCris New Bridal Collection 2016

The high level of crafts, along a fantastic tailoring skill make this collection “Unique”.

Lines are soft and sensual; material sophisticated and shapes revolutionary!

The name of this collection is “Orchid”

Orchids are very special flowers unusual and of delicate beauty, it require care and devotion.

Like every other special things in the world even Orchids require time and passion… and here we go: I love to be passionate.


Light and soft fabrics whirling on the body and fading in seductive transparency bring to mind the scent of the flowers that are inserted into the bodices and skirts like valuable miniatures.

Orchids by YolanCris is a collection with exotic charm thanks to stylistic mixes and to an astonishing hand- craft: these qualities make this collection perfect for a cosmopolitan bride plenty of sensuality and romance.

Let us s remain this world and give a glance at parade of RosaClara.

The essence of modernity, care and elegance: I must admit the absolute elegance of Rosaclara’ dresses is touching me. Pragmatic is perhaps the adjective to describe this collection that renounce to every unnecessary artifice to enhance the real elegance.

A sophisticated collection that uses belts of refined lace and flowers not forgetting the softness of its winding lines ; vaporous skirts not obvious at all that dance like the music in Verona Skies during a concert in the Arena.

What else can I say? Indeed it is extremely difficult to translate in words the emotions that these dresses are able to transmit, in fact they seems to be designed just to give a breath of life to a dream!

And this for the moment is all but you my friends do not forget to fix a preliminary meeting with me (it will be free and without commitment on your side) and so we can begin to give shape to your dream

Waiting for you

Elena (The Planning Mind)