What is the price of a wedding planner? What are the charges for her/his advice? How is the compensation determined?

The questions about prices, fares etc. are more than legitimate, nobody wish to throw away his money; let alone the few and confused ideas about what exactly is the work of a wedding planner!

What she does? How she does it? What is the advantage to hire a wedding planner? If you wish to receive some elucidations on the matter just click here.


Going back to the core business of this post (how much it costs) I firmly reaffirm my idea: the expertise of a wedding planner does not add costs but, instead, it adds value to the organization of your marriage (or whatever event you are considering)

Of course, a professional expert who assist and sides you in organizing an event is not and cannot be free of charge! Just her/his professionalism impose a skilled work and, logically enough, a skilled work must be compensated.

However, once that we have established this it is necessary to say that the idea that there is unique service for the newlyweds is false and misleading.

Therefore, the fare of a wedding planner is in accordance to your requirements; and to give you an idea the rates of The Planning Mind ranges from 200 to 2500 Euros.


Transparency’s Policy

But you do not need to worry since prior to sign up the engagement letter You will know exactly what you are buying and what the price of Planning Mind will be! No last minute surprises! I call it “Transparency”!

You could wonder where these rates are coming from.

Well let me give some explanations: First of all there some expenses to organize a marriage: i.e. working time , use of phone or internet and travelling expenses ….thus it is intuitive that there must be a minimum compensation under which the quality of the work that the professional expert is doing for you will be seriously impacted.

So said the remaining of costs are variables meaning that they depend upon your requirement , what kind of details are to take care of , what you wish to realize and so on.

Anyway, the final price for a complete service does will never exceed the 15% of your estimated total budget!

Commissions, percentages..

The Planning Mind does not take any commission or percentage by suppliers! My customers are the newlyweds, I work for them and solely by them I get compensated (any particular discount I can get by suppliers is totally beneficial for Our customers : the newlyweds). This is allowing me to choose freely the suppliers and bang the fists on the table when and if their requests are unjustified or out of business.

Even this is part of Transparency’s policy of The Planning Mind.

Who is paying the suppliers?

The client will pay all suppliers since all agreements (with photographer, restaurant, catering firms and so on) selected by The Planning Mind and approved by the customers will be negotiated on behalf of customers but formally stipulated by the customers themselves who therefore will dispose the payments in accordance to the agreement signed.


The Planning Mind, without any exception, will issue the invoice where (according to the ruling law 244/77) all prices are exclusive of VAT.

Once that major issues are clear I am quite sure that someone among my readers will be still thinking that the expertise of a wedding planner is a plus which you can do without… and thus save some money. OK people let us assume, by contradiction, that it is so.

While you are saving on the compensation of the wedding planner try to calculate how many hours you are surfing the web to search a restaurant , and how many recension (true?false?) you must read .

In addition try to add how many telephone call you will do to various suppliers, how many pleasant and useless car rides you will do to have a personal sight of things, how much time you will spend compiling forms to request quotes, and how much time you will spend in bargaining, how many precious week ends you will spend in comparing results of your enquires and how much stress you will accumulate talking with unreasonable peoples.

To all the above you must add the nervousness for the time quickly elapsing, add the tension with the woman (man) of your life or the endless and unwanted discussions with your own family.

Do not forget the precious free time lost.

Now tell me sincerely are you standing still in your opinion that a wedding planner is an additional cost?

I will be very much interested to know what you think about… write and leave your own comments …it is so intriguing!


I look to see you soon …. Remember the first meeting is always free of charge!