Wedding Planner Verona: Feng Shui for the marriage

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that brings balance and harmony to our environment through the organization of space and has a beneficial effect on our lives.

The literal meaning of Feng Shui is “wind and Water” and, intuitively, we can realize how they are the elements of a paramount importance in giving shape to the earth and creating the more or less healthy character of a particular place.

The philosophers of Feng Shui say that “Water” is the Yin while the “Wind” is the Yang (but perhaps wind must be intended not in the literal sense of the word but more as breath of life or in simpler words air).

At end of day, air and water are the founding principles of life …isn’t it?

So much so! This is the reason why I thought to apply the Feng Shui to the founding principle of a building family.

Whatever is your believe, the ritual you will choice or the event you wish to organize Feng Shui can help the success of that day.


Colors of Feng Shui

Colors are important in Feng Shui and they have their own meaning and value

Blue: the color of North it has beneficial effects for career and success

Purple: color of friendship of the trips, and trade. it must be placed in N-W

Yellow: is the color of West and is influential for creativity but also perfect for kids

Orange : South-Westit is the color protector of marriage and of social relationships

Red: The color of South it recall wisdom and good health

Brown: Good health and wealthy is the color odf S-E

Green: the color of students and scholars is influential for knowledge

Light Blue: the color of the family is to be located at N-E

Now it is clear enough that according to the Feng Shui theory colors, places, shapes are related to the variety of life that is inextricably linked to the environment in which it is lived!

This simple concept has literally fascinated me so I decided to go into depth with various readings and research in the libraries.

I have found many things and I did not share all of them for many looked more like superstitious beliefs than a true philosophy or art and some others looked as real exaggerations.

However, I am stubborn and curious and therefore I have excavated more deeply: books, internet, Social media and little personal, domestic experiments.

I have relocated pieces of furniture, paying the greatest care to their colors ,their materials and so on …of course there was not much to do for the position of my house but certain things are as they are .

However (I do not know if it is only an awesomeness due to books freshly read) I noticed that many of my sensations are changed, starting with the fact that my daily environment is now perceived as “richer”.

Then why should I stop here? Why do not apply the Feng Shui’s principles to a wedding party?

Let us try to make together a small exercise of imagination and organize a party following the Feng Shui’s principles.

Therefore, now let us relax and give shape to this vision!

The location

Feng Shui suggests brightly-painted walls and many mirrors to reflect lights and the smiling faces of your guests in order to fill the room with positive energy. Verona will offer you many possibilities for such locations.

Verona is a wonderful town plenty of locations perfectly suitable for a Feng Shui party but how to find them?

Discover the advantages to entrust to the wedding planner the stress to search for you the perfect location for your wedding day: try to think: hours spent surfing the web, dozens of reviews (not knowing anything about their reliability) let aside the price’s carousel …

The wedding planner does all the work , leaving for you just the pleasure to choice the option that match your wishes and your purse.

How to dispose tables? How to decorate them?

According to the dictates of Feng Shui rectangular or square shapes are preferable.

So being things why do not opt for an “imperial style arrangement”?

So if your guest are in reduced quantity you could go for a single rectangular desk (capable to host all guests) where the bride will seat in the middle of the longer side with the groom at her left side!

The chairs of the couple will have a high back that can recall the carapace of a turtle (symbol of protection in Feng Shui)

Obviously if your guests are many (but still of not great number) a single table won’t be enough and then the arrangement must be different: in this case you might opt for the classic “Horse’s shoe” arrangement. Many rectangular desks arranged in a semicircle where the bride will take place always in the middle with the groom beside her (at her left side).

But this way will not be possible if your guest are in large number … then one can choice to have the rectangular honor desk in the center where the couple, their witnesses and parents may take place and be seen by all other guests.

All around the “honor table” many tables circular (6- 8 places each) may be arranged for all other guests

How to decorate the desks?

Here the Feng Shui has really no limitations and can offer so many inspirations, here the color play the role of the hero!

We must only select what is the message that we want to launch, what are our wishes for ourselves and our guests:

Choice the purple as color of friendship, the yellow for creativity, red for success and good health, light blue for the family and so on.

Your wedding planner will select for you the best partners to realize this decoration saving your time and temper for endless negotiations, bargain …what a relief to arrive at your happiest day without these worries thinking only to your happiness !…This is really in the spirit of the best Feng Shui.

The decorations

What is the most classical decorative element in a marriage? Of course : the flowers.

For Feng Shui   fresh flowers are carriers of positive energy (Yang). How to arrange them according their colors or their shapes?

Yellow flowers for creativity shall be placed in the west side while the red flowers for wisdom are to be placed on the south: greenery on the east to wish knowledge ….there is no limits to possible decorations as there is no limits for your imagination.

Exactly as there is no limits for other decorations.

It is possible to utilize mirrors and natural materials, let me remind about proposals of hand- made art, things with aspect is a bit shabby but always very chic.

If your wedding party will be an outdoor one, then fountains and ponds will bear good luck (and will be influential even on the good luck of your wealth).

See how many ideas are intrinsic in Feng Shui?

I had a bit of fun thinking about a reception according to Feng Shui and the suggestions in this article are just some possible ideas which could rise to a real original project.

Let us meet and think about it together. The first meeting is always free and without any commitment from your side

Share your vision with me and let us shape it together

See you soon