Wedding’s organization: Wedding Planner Yes or Not? #1

Finally, you decided! You will get married in Verona! …And now? Well, now begin the organization’s adventure!


I’m quite sure that You could perfectly organize your marriage in Verona; but do you have enough time to do it? Do you have a job that allow a certain degree of flexibility time wise? Finally yet importantly, do you really want to take on all the work?


Let us be clear: our future husband are not really helpful specially at some particular stage of the organization. Sure they try to assist and certainly they would love to release us from the weight of some decision but at end of day  all decisions are ours :I tell this just because I am a woman who  has organized her own marriage , I am a wife and I am a professional in this field. I have meet so many couples beautiful and plenty of co-operation spirit but at end of game, during the whole organization work I found myself to talk and decide only with brides to be. 



First, let us clarify one important Thing: to entrust the organization of your marriage to a professional wedding planner does not mean that you are unable to do it! Exactly the other way round: It means that you want to do it in the best possible way without so much stress and devoting the correct amount of time to all needs. Every project begin with the ideas sharing …I shall be inspired by You  and when I will have a full understanding and tuning with your wishes the organization machine will start! Therefore, I will not replace you; just I shall assist you by setting you free from the heavier commitments.



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So said, I feel urged to tell you that there are, in a wedding organization, things that is possible to make on your own and others  for which  it is much better  to be assisted by a professional!! Personally I do not have any confidence in the “Low cost” marriage (don’t take me wrong In some other post I clearly explained the reason of this). I am, instead, an obstinate follower of intelligent and sensitive management of the budget (matterless if it is size S/M/L/XXL).


Anyway there many manners to save some money and I cannot disagree on the fact that one of them is the “make it by yourself”.


Invitations/place marker/menu/ tableau

 I rather prefer the help of a professional graphic for the design and realization of invitations, place markers, tableau and thanking tickets (and, trust me, they are not “off” as I have read somewhere).

Of course if you have a bit of confidence with graphic software and a pinch of creativity or if you spend evenings watching tutorial on You Tube or perhaps you like to buy on line and you know all websites that propose good prices if not  discounts ….you may be able to find everything spending reasonably few money. Pack all in a suitcase and rush in Verona to get married. Thus, no wedding planner is needed for you (Hurray 1-0)

(my colleagues will kill me…)



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Honours .

let us say that no low has established(up to now) that a bonbonnier must be a  costly object …its value is not at all in its price. Your guests will tie the emotions of your magic day to the object you will chose :  thus you should select something that is “talking” of you, how you are ….

So said perhaps you want to cook personally for the preparation of your  gastronomic bonbonniers, or you are personally  planting your green honours or  may be you are happy to write your honours book ….well you are great …make sure to get the right package for your home made bonbonniers  and …  do not need a wedding planner  (oh damn you are winning 2-0)


Honeymoon/Wedding Destination


Perhaps you are a true globetrotter and you love journeys and are able to organize a world tour with 10 clicks! Journey, hotel, excursions…you have yet compared prices, all details have been cleared and suitcases ready? Yes? Then Go! Do not forget to say the fateful Yes (of course how could you?) …Ah one moment are all needed document to marry in Italy ready? …By the way have you booked the location ? And the catering? And the florist? All OK? Remarkably good ….what about the boarding for your guests? I am afraid that you will need a little bit more than 10 clicks …But never mind You won again, the honeymoon is of yours!


Before the scoreboard will mark your   third goal let me tell something of my Wedding Tours! I am organized not less than you and I thought to everything  and thanks to the cooperation with Italian Grand Tour  I am able to offer a complete package  for organization of marriage in Verona and it county : a customized thematic honeymoon .All built on your wishes (discover here everything) ….


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OK OK I give up won 3-0  but I will be back for the return match …stay tuned!

Sincerely yours Elena!


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