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If you are planning your wedding  in Italy , probably in this very moment you are struggling with a number of search and getting crazy to select  your  suppliers . I am sure you are surfing  trough 1 million websites to choose the venue , taking note about them or perhaps you are looking at dozen of photographer websites to decide what is the “style” that suite your wonderful love story…isn’t it ?

Very likely you are consuming the poor rest of your free time analysing quotation and this is  the very moment when your wishes meet/clash what is affordable and what isn’t….I am sure you are fully realizing  how many things are terribly difficult to do from  another country.


Looking coolly at situation I would say  that you have 3 main problems: Time , Coordination of vendors and Money!


  1. TIME – Planning a wedding, regardless the place where the  wedding is to be done , is a time consuming task and time is something that so many people are running short

  2. LOCAL VENDORS KNOWLEDGE – coordination of vendors and knowledge of  their whereabouts is easier when you are in your hometown. You might even  be aware of a few of them,or you might know them because they were  suppliers of some other weddings ( your cousin’s or friend’s marriage ). But out of station, that might not be the case and in a situation of crisis, you might find yourself stranded without any help.

  3. BUDGET – Hiring a wedding planner, believe it or not, can actually save your money. Many planners have developed good relationships with suppliers and can comfortably negotiate rates with them.  A good wedding planner will also help you set and stick to your budget, finding you alternative solutions when and where necessary.

Once this is clear  I will give you some good suggestions to deal with Italian suppliers :



FIRST  : Fix an expenses target

If the negotiation with supplier must have a sense, it is necessary that you  bear in mind how much money you want to expend in total and how  much you have decided for each expenditure  chapter.

If your starting line is “ I do not know how much I can spend  “ well this is the moment to step back and to plot an expenses plan based on your budget .

This may be done fixing a priority list (this is the first thing I do with couples that are coming to me) . It is very useful exercise since you will have a path that will take you to the final goal and in meantime, you will have well clear the limits of your manoeuvre possibilities avoiding wasting your money and having things that you really want .




Establish a clear relationship with vendors

First of all remember that you are talking with people of different language  that might have difficulties in understanding you.

Now that you have established your  priority list , the expense limits for each item in it  and clarified  the negotiation’s principles   you are ready to start .

Let us make   an example : Suppose you are contacting a florist for your bouquet  and your expense limit is let’s say 75  but the request is 100 what is to be done?  You should  speak clear with the supplier making a small speech like this :  “Look, I really love the way you work but 100 are too much for me  I had in mind a maximum of 75 what you can offer for that  money?”

At this point he can go for  an alternative proposal or (if you selected a honest florist) he might suggest you a colleague more in line with your budget. But if he will insist that no one can do anything for that money and your desire is out of the market (and so on) you will be assured  that you had addressed to a not professional florist .



Select your supplier for his value not for his prices.

What I have been taught is that professionals will try always to take  a client a make him happy, though some small waiver  or with alternative proposal to which you thought of .

Remember that for a professional who transfuse passion in his work to be selected for the quality of  his work is much more rewarding than to be chosen for his bargain prices .

The same applies to me : I am much more motivated and work a great deal better if I feel that you have chosen me for the value of my work and not  for my prices.


Did you appreciate my suggestions? Let me know it,   write to me even if you have other questions I shall be glad to reply.


Happy planning!




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