I am a wedding planner. What exactly you do? Thanks for the question, I am glad to reply:

Would you like to celebrate your marriage in Verona, Italy,  but , you do not know how to get started?

Is it  hard  to take care of all details from another country ?

Here I am to help and assist you.

First, I shall listen you!!!

Our very first meeting will be free of charge and without any commitment on your side: Only a friendly chat just to know each other a little better.


There is no rule or standardized way to organize events or marriages. Everything is based upon you, I mean, who you are, what you want to communicate to others, how you have dreamed your event (perhaps since the time you were a child), what is the magic touch that in your opinion shall make your marriage “unique”

I will try to understand wholly your needs, your desires.At this phase, I won’t propose any template and, for no reason, I will attempt to replace you, because my duty is to assist and advise discretely.


Bearing in mind what you told me in our first chat, I will work out a project, will evaluate the best way to realize it: my job is mainly to enable the touch of magic you’ve always imagined and certainly, you deserve!Solely after making crystal clear arrangements I will begin my


Now we are friends and together we can open the dances!

This is the part of my job that I like more… indeed, I love to create a project, taking care of all smallest details, sharing ideas and ingenious findings: in few words I love the challenge raised from “to shape a vision” is raising.

Once you have approved my idea t, it will become “our project” and I will begin the phase of


Coordination and Optimization


It means that I will follow step by step our shared project.

The careful selection of vendors that are going to be entrusted to provide whatever is required to make true your dream and the strict supervision and co-ordination of their work will be just one part of my job.

The attainment of all our goals (time and quality wise) is another important part of the job.

I am quite sure that you will particularly appreciate the last part of it: the optimization of your budget avoiding as much as possible all wastes, so saving money and time and, last but not least, avoiding unwanted discontent, discussions and pouts.

I will take care of our project systematically with passion from A to Z for my personal goal is to make the day of your marriage the most beautiful of your life , something that must remain in your mind forever and must become a wonderful tale to tell the grandchildren when time will come.

This day must satisfy your dreams and wishes therefore no wonder that the final word must be yours as well.

What are the problems solved?

The advantages to address to a wedding planner are many and important but the most important of them are:

  • Stress elimination during the selection of vendors; stop the endless surfing the net looking for the perfect venue, quite all discussion about prices and ratio quality-price.

  • Saving of time. Time is the most precious of your assets; it is, indeed, a resource that is not possible to waste. Availing of my work you willalways havethe wrist of situation without the work and commitment of the planning.

  • Saving of money! Hiring a wedding planner, believe it or not, can actually save your money! A good wedding planner will also help you set and stick to your budget, finding you alternative solutions when and where necessary.


You will enjoy the time lapsing from your magic Day, (it is said that the expectation of an event is part of the event itself)…and likely, at end of games you will have a new friend.

Furthermore if you are not living in Verona and nonetheless you want celebrate your marriage in the most romantic city in Italy; it cannot escape to your attention the importance of the aid of a local professional. Someone who have a deep insight of territory and , with her/his experience can take care of all logistic details that might create serious headaches to you, let alone the enormous waste of time (and probably of money). In short, the local professional is someone that can save your time and money and with her/his, experience can advise some ideas for making unique and really magic your day!

How much a wedding planner will charge?

Are you thinking if you can afford the help of a wedding planner?

If this is the case, I would like to highlight that the help of a wedding planner is not adding cost to your dream but adds, instead, value! The Planning Mind offers flexible services (single or combined) that suite all purse and match all budgets, thus address to me with confidence and I will be glad to find with (and for) you the most suitable solution for your budget.


I am waiting for you In Verona

See you soon



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