Destination Wedding Planner : how much does it cost to get married abroad?

Destination Wedding Planner : how much does it cost to get married abroad?

This is a very good question isn’t it? Unfortunately the only possible answer is: it depends!


It depends? Depends on what? Here the answer is adamant : it is depending upon the service’s level and upon the destination .

I’m sure you are not very much reassured by this; but be cool,  there is also a good new : perhaps you may control the cost impact.


I will try now to give you some parameters that will allow to understand what is to be put into account to get marry in my town: the wonderful Verona.


Let us say that there are some basic cost to be considered , I mean some unavoidable expenses:


  • Two way travel (it might seem obvious but you must realize that sometime it may not  be heap at all and  thus it is important to take them in account)

  • Boarding and lodging (another obvious thing?) If you consider that your stay will start at least one day before the ceremony (to finish the needed bureaucratic, to complete all necessary agreements with suppliers)  and at least one day after the ceremony(to take back your wedding certificates)if you add  expenses for transport, meals and (why not?) a pinch of tourism You understand that you are dealing with a considerable amount of money that is to be reckoned.

  • Bureaucracy Depending on which is the destination you have in mind you might need documents to be legalized by your Consulate , You may be obliged to pay local dues or you might need an interpreter during the ceremony.

So the above are the Basic expense  to which you must add the costs that a marriage is implying :

  • Location : a place that satisfy your expectations

  • Reception : (even if it is for happy few)

  • Bouquet and decorations (never seen a bride that can do without)

  • Photo report of the marriage: (how to remember the most beautiful day?)

And last but not least the value (take note not the cost) of my tailored consultancy.

Why tailored? Because it is customized for you and only for you. It is built and designed to satisfy your need and wishes and to be perfectly aligned with your budget.

There is no standard to plot a marriage that is suitable for every couple there is no rule and if there is one, I don’t know it

What exactly this means?

  1. It means that if you decide to get married far away from the place you live each element of the organization shall be followed systematically and personally: the selection of suppliers, the inspections and survey of them, the study of every event on the critical path of your marriage. The organization of movements either for you or for your guests… These are some of details that can be organized from  a distance (note not from far).

  2. It is also very important to realize what it means to have a person that is speaking the local language. It is important to the reciprocal understanding with suppliers and thus may be useful to make with them a honest negotiation and eventually to close advantageous arrangements.

This is the service that allow me to grant to my customers  a custom made marriage plot , designed and organized to suit your wishes without ravaging your budget.


Did you take the account ?  No? Never mind ! I have yet calculated everything!


Marry me in Lessinia is a package that will contain your costs without renounce to the maximum care for all details.


To” create “ these  packages  named “MARRY ME IN LESSINIA”  I inspected nore than 10 locations (villas , agriturisms, restaurants)


In these packages there the fruit of relation I have with catering companies, photographers, stylists, designers and florists.


Why I did it? I did it to offer you the chance to imagine your wedding day in Italy  in a way  simple and possible and tailored on your wishes.


How much does it cost to marry in Italy? Just have a glance to the wedding packages MARRY ME IN LESSINIA and then write to me … tell me what are you dreaming for your magic day in Italy. I will be only glad to discuss it with you.


….And I look to see you in Verona



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