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The Planning Mind it’s me! My name is Elena Alterio, I’m a mommy, a dynamic and resourceful woman.

The Planning Mind comes about my wish to create a way of working that’s expression of my life, that satisfies my spirit of innovation and allows me to be fully true to myself. I strive for giving my best and feeling satisfied.

My main prerogatives are my passion, the energy of my intuitions, the long experience gained in the communication and advertising field. I don’t fear of facing new challenges and I’m open to learn anything new.

I think that it’s not “one size fits all” , everything depends on who you are, what you like, what you want to communicate. Each event tells a story, talks about a desire, explores a passion and that’s why each event is unique.

I do not recommend a standard model, I never impose my own taste, I do not replace you. I listen to you, I conceptualize, I design, plan and coordinate, I help every step of the way and oversee all key element of your event, from the careful selection of partners to the last greetings, providing different kind of services according to your specific needs.

My goal is to support you, to visualize together with you your day, to tailor an experience reflecting your personality and your essence.

I consider each project as a unique occasion to upgrade and improve as professional and as individual.

The Planning Mind is all this and much more.

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