Snooping here and there, talking to many people and reading post on internet I have come to note that the people trust that a wedding planner is too costly; too exclusive; in short, he is not for everyone.

Someone else think, instead, that the event he is going to organize is not enough ‘large ‘or not so ‘important’ to require the assistance of a professional expert.

 Personally, I feel that on this subject there are a few and confused ideas…

Do you know what I mean? The TV casts programs where you can see a lot of things: pharaonic ceremonies with hundreds of guests, parties held in castles …and millionaire budget.

Cool down folks you truly don’t need to organize a party in a royal palace or to have 200 guests with rolling stones to sing for them to contact a professional expert!!!

Actually, a well-proven gear includes many serious and sober professionals who work to realize events that fully meet expectations and desires of all who turn to them.

 What I mean is the building up of interrelation and interaction established between client and expert, which eventually allow sharing a dream, a vision from which the event will take shape.

There is no rule or standard to decide to contact or not the wedding planner (or the event organizer) neither one can decide on the ‘size’ of the event …indeed it is just the case to say that no event is too big or too small to rely on expertise of a professional.

Every occasion you want to celebrate has something special, unique and unforgettable in her own

It talks about you, what you think, or who you love or simply about who you wish to reach with your message: therefore to contact a wedding planner for such an occasion means that you really care for it since you are ready to avail of the expertise of a professional expert which is not necessarily too costly or too exclusive and let alone something snob.

In few words, it means sharing a dream and find together the way to fulfill it scrolling the wide range of services that a professional can offer to your dream

It is time now clear up the category of wedding planners, of course, without diminishing the value of his work: to contact the event organizer does not add costs to the organization of your event indeed it add value

Be it a great party  with hundreds of guests or a party for happy few we do not leave anything to the haphazard but  we work with you to shape your vision and maybe we will become friend at end of day.!  Indeed, with friend we are used to share ideas… isn’t it?

So much so…let me tell you about my very last idea for a wedding celebration it is surely very informal but certainly will amaze your guests: what about a tea party?

Come on let us figure out together how it could be!  Well… close your eyes and see an old classical well decorated English tea salon or (if the season allow it) a wonderful garden plenty of flowers with chairs and tables to allow your guests to stay comfortably while they chat each other and sip their tea from wonderful porcelain cups served by waiters in white gloves and why not a very classical steward in tails…


One can play with the decorations of the saloon or with its furniture (liberty? Post- modern? You to choice), or with the type of porcelain, or with selection of teas (white , black , aromatized with the black lemon …and so on endlessly)

You may mollycoddle your guests with some sweet as well: cupcake with muted colours and cookies,  a waterfall of cookies… and don’t forget the savoury flavours that meet so well the aroma of some teas. Here come off the tables for buffet with quiches, savoury tarte, sandwiches and welsh pastry.

All of it without forgetting the music, inevitable highlighting of all party’s moments.

And the cake?   Who said only one cake? Try to imagine an assembly of single portion   cup- cake with a symphony of colours and flavours: a real treat of delicacy to flavour first with eyes, which will not fail to emphasize your originality and amaze your friends and relatives.


This idea of party could be the right one if your marriage has been planned in the noon or if you wish to celebrate first with your relatives and friends and then to have a soup with few closer guests! 

I trust it is a simply idea and for  that  it  is plenty of potentialities and flexibility for many good chance of celebration and not only for a wedding party…. let inspire you !!

Thus lift up your cups  it’s a tea time !