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It is well known that Italy is one of most targeted place for holydays, study tours and weddings!

The world loves Italy for the masterpieces of art spread widely in the country, for its food, and for the fabulous landscapes …but this is not all : I live in Verona , a wonderful town with  a rich historical heritage and plenty of magic tales.

Taste, smell, sight, hearing, all your senses will lead you to Verona, the most sensual Italian town. Learn more here!


Verona can offer you  an endless number of possibilities. If you wish to celebrate your marriage in Verona but you do not know how to get started, here I am to help and assist you.


If, by chance, you are still doubtful then read here! Today I want tell you about an enchanted place embedded in the rolling hills of Illasi Valley : Villa De Winkels!

Close your eyes  and try to imagine a place nestled in the greenery of sweet landscape ,blessed by the sun. and gentle touched by the wind….Try to figure out an antique small church of XIII century (where Catholic weddings may become a romantic dreams); here just before  you may seea  standing alone middle age tower that  is materialized by magic…Open your eyes now  ….and welcome in Illasi Valley in the small village of Tregnago…just out of the world and only  few miles from Verona!



Framed here is Villa De Winkels an ancient manor where you will breathe the scent of history and warmth of family.Villa De Winkels is the right place for giving a magic touch to your wedding.



The halls, rooms and saloons of this Villa will offer you an endless number of opportunities to customize your ceremony and your reception … no matter how large it is: be it for happy few  ….


….. or a royal banquet there is room enough and adequate. The main ball room may contain up to 260 guests.


If your preferences are oriented, instead, toward a marriage in the green well guys you are in the right place! Villa De Winkels with its park may suggest you new ideas both for the ceremony and for reception


If you add to so much beauty the sophistication of a creative “cusine” where menu  created by the excellent chef of Villa De Winkels will tickle your taste with traditional and innovative dishes  then you may understand the reason why many spouses  (and their guests) love this place…let alone the now famous “ Cantina del generale” located in the villa itself where you can taste the wines of the Veneto region accompanied by imaginative appetizers and (why not?) chat in a relaxing enviroment.


Ah just while talking about guest   …. Villa De Winkels is also an inn with 12 large and plenty of light rooms  for your guests but for  you ,the spouses, the heroes of the day  there is  available  the suite located in the middle age tower …..a dream that become true !!!


Did I convince you? If yes I must tell that there are  so many other magic places like this one here in Verona or in the immediate surroundings!!! Discover how romantic and easy is to get married in Verona  with my exclusive Wedding Tour Service!!! What is it?   It is a package that includes my normal full service  (planning and organization of your marriage) + the organization of your journey to Italy  in collaboration with Italian Grand Tour! Learn more about Wedding Tour here

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So if you wish to get marry in Verona mail me and  tell me about your dreams….I will study a customized  offer tailored for you only!!!


Sincerely yours, Elena


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