Taste, smell, sight, hearing, all your senses will lead you to Verona, the most sensual Italian town.


Enjoy the preparation of your marriage followed systematically by your wedding planner! Leave to her all rushes to reach suppliers, all bargaining on prices ,all anxieties for late deliveries and the consequent sulks with your partner . take off from your face all pouting and live the  days lapsing from your ‘D’- Day   with the greatest serenity just savoring the thrill of  joyful expectation.


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The Planning Mind

 Why should you choice Verona for getting married? I would say because she is simply wonderful… but I must admit it: I am genuinely partial. I am living here since ages ago and I have learned to tenderly love this city.

 Indeed, I love her for the charming elegance of her historical buildings, for the atmospheres that can surround you, for the landscapes, for the variety of tastes, for the music and for her masterpieces of art displayed everywhere.

What am I talking about?     Let me give you some explications.


The romantic Karma

Verona has a romantic ‘Karma’! She is the stage of the most famous and touching love story ever written: “Romeo and Juliet”.

The Juliet’s house along with its historical balcony are places of absolute historical value and, of course, of an intense romance!

The Town council offers these places and several others  as location to celebrate weddings in Verona!

Indeed this town with her historical mansions offers you the chance to stage your wedding ceremony in locations of dream.

villa da prato caldiero vr

Places caressed by the wind of history, places where great stories were lived and places that still  tell romantic tales.

In one of these places, your romance could be the next one!

Lake, Mountain, Hills?  Verona is this and more


Verona is Garda Lake!



A natural pearl, pride of Veneto and Italy!

The Veronese shore of Garda Lake lies down on the gentle slopes of “Riviera degli Olivi” and get its colors by the sumptuous vineyards and the green /silver foliage of the olive groves spread all around.

One is obliged to fall in love with such a gentle and sensuous landscape that seems have been created just to stage a fairy story

Verona is mountain.


The Lessini Mountains, born from sea several millions of years ago, embrace the whole town making her view  truly unique.

Rocky outcrops, ancient caves, “giassare”  (originally ice’s quarries) and the typical villages built with the “Prun” stones are just part of things that will amaze you in Lessinia, another ideal place for making your dream become true.



… And Verona is hills


  You will find cherry trees, vineyards, neoclassical villas, farmhouses , small hamlets  and local folklore  featuring  the routing which unfold between the Valpolicella valley  and the hills on the  east side of Verona .

This is  an area blessed by a magic touch of simplicity where history, legend, savours and enchantment are strictly bonded to give the breath of life to your magic day and will make it truly unique.

The art of welcoming and well eat and drink

Verona is the repository of a great dining experience

The genuine, traditional dishes are the basis of a tradition that is enhanced by  innovation and elegance and everything is always embellished by the flavors and aromas of fine wines as Valpolicella ,Amarone , Soave (all of them rigorously  D.O.C).

So being things let’s raise our glasses and drink a toast to love and beauty.


wine (1)

The city of music

If I say Verona what’s the first that comes to your mind?  The Arena of course!

The arena is located in the very heart of the city center; it is an icon, the very symbol of the artistic and ludic soul of the town.

Indeed it is the temple of opera but even a fantastic set for the modern music and, why not?

for the ballet.

The Verona’s heart beats in time of music and it is exactly this music coming from the heart which will mark the highlights of your wedding ceremony and of your party!


I’m waiting for you in Verona!



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